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I work in Online Marketing Development for some medium to large size companies in the UK doing SEO, Online Marketing and Coding. I like to spend my spare time playing online games such as BC2 Vietnam with my friends, and playing around with websites such as building them, making changes and keeping content up to date etc. I also work on and run a number of sites for online solutions from web hosting to game servers and much more. Read more about me and my sites at My Profile. Just another rocker/metal head, that cares for nothing much but having fun and lots of it!

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Archive for December, 2011

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Posted by NathanielB On December - 29 - 2011

Modern Warfare 3 carries forwards the events of its precursor, Modern Warfare 2. It dives right into a chaotic world, which is on the verge of breaking into World War 3. Markov, a Russian tyrant does his best to drive you insane. The storyline is a compilation of deceit, terrorism and challenging stunts. This tale is crisp and does not leave the player wanting.

Uniqueness of Modern Warfare 3
The events are simple to understand although there are surprises along the way, which only serve to deepen the story. Consistency runs through every characters conduct. There is action in every facet of this game, for instance, getting into an elevator is accompanied by a helicopter crashing into it. This game has multiple sceneries that are ever-changing, without jeopardizing the players’ sense of place at any point.

Infinity Ward has done its best to incorporate Hollywood style scenarios in the game. The sequence where the player is a Russian secret service agent protecting the Russian president on a hijacked plane is one such instance. The turbulence and other effects make it seem like a scene right out of Inception and Air Force One.

Highlights of the game
The main attraction of the game is the COD, it is as violent as ever, lending the players no safe place to hide while things are constantly moving and altering the landscapes. The 16 maps that have been around till date still exist, catering to this forceful environment. Every weapon, tool and accessory gets intensified with use and as the game progresses, the plot gets more complex and these accessories perform better.

The approaches to play have also been upgraded. Kill Confirmed is the new mode which introduces the right amount of planning to keep players on their feet. In this new mode, in order to make a kill count, you need to collect the dog tag of the victim that is dropped. You can also snatch them from your team mates that are falling; this prevents the other team for gaining a point. Other modes are available like juggernaut matches, gun matches and infection mode, which are highly flexible and can be completely customized. What’s even better is the option to save these customizations, which can be shared later on.

This game is very well-equipped in terms of the machines you are offered. It has three options to choose from, single, co-op and multi-player all of which have a well-defined purpose. The game is fierce and generous, and knows how to meet player expectations. Every mode is packed with thrill and familiarity that ensures an interesting game from beginning to end.

Author bio: Annabelle is a writer by profession and likes to blog about her varied interests. She represents BB Gun and Airsoft Gun online store.

Nathaniel’s Alternative Chri…

Posted by NathanielB On December - 25 - 2011

Nathaniel’s Alternative Christmas Rock/Metal Play List

Nathaniel’s Alternative Christmas Rock/Metal Play List

Posted by NathanielB On December - 25 - 2011

Ok so for those of you that don’t know me, you should be warned that I am in to all sorts of rock, metal, heavy metal and so on, so please be warned that some songs in this play list may not suite your taste in music and do contain “bad words” which some people may not like. You have been warned so listen at your own risk! :)

This play list of alternative/rock/metal Christmas music is a number of video’s I have found on YouTube this morning and have been rocking out to whilst rapping the last of my xmas presents, playing with my cat and just general doing fuck all lol

Please enjoy:

Nathaniel’s Alternative Christmas Play List (Link to watch on YouTube and share if you like)

If you have any more alternative Christmas video’s you think should be added now or for next year (if the world is still here lol), please feel free to add a comment along with the YouTube video URL (other site video’s will do if you don’t have it on YouTube as I can download and add to YouTube from any site etc).

Thank you and Merry Christmas to all!

Modern Warfare 3, the latest installment in the Call of Duty franchise, grossed over $400 million on launch day, which broke its previous high as the most commercially successful game launch ever. In spite of the financial feat, Activision’s flagship product has received a lukewarm reception from professional reviewers and amateur aficionado’s alike.

The common criticisms are spot on: there are no significant upgrades and hardly any minor tweaks over the previous titles. MW3 lacks the realistic physics and destructible environments of the latest Battlefield release and this iteration of Call of Duty has produced yet another completely unmemorable story.

Even so, these criticisms are not as damning as they sound because of MW3’s unique status at the forefront of realistic first-person shooters that are geared towards online gameplay (talk about niche). In classic “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” form, MW3’s developers erred on the side of caution rather than innovation. It’s the difference between opting to reboot The Hulk three times and opting for the continuity that Lord of the Rings achieved. Had Fellowship bombed as spectacularly as Bana’s Hulk, producers would’ve blown up the trilogy and started over or recast the second and third films.

Activision is working off of the best template in first-person shooters, so fans should be grateful that Activion’s sin was doing too little to revolutionize it too much. If critics herald the previous titles as “perfectly balanced” and “addicting,” they can’t complain when a new release avoids tinkering with the weapons or perks in order to protect that balance.

Additionally, the Call of Duty markets itself as the most realistic. Given that the majority of innovations in the military are aimed at pulling troops off of the front lines, and since MW3 can only evolve at the pace of its military model, it shouldn’t surprise players when essentially all the game’s original features reoccur. Gamers shouldn’t beg for realism and then cry when their chosen platform doesn’t evolve the way a sci-fi shooter trilogy’s can.

Lastly, the developmental focus of MW3 is online play. Thus, all the money goes into creating the ultimate online experience. In a game that most people play in fifteen-minute increments, creating a compelling plot for a campaign that will hardly be used is a waste of resources. That said, it would’ve been simple to allow players to tackle the campaign in co-op mode rather than only offering the stand-alone operations (yet again) in an attempt to strong-arm buyers into online accounts.

Even though we just negated the preceding criticisms, the observations behind them are accurate, and point towards complacency on the part of CoD’s creators—an attitude that could enable its biggest competitor to steal the holiday limelight. Since the difference between Battlefield 2 and 3 was immense—and transformed 3 into a legitimate contender among first-person shooters—Modern Warfare 3 is a perfunctory performance, and Activision should reexamine their formerly adequate formula.

Tim can typically be found playing League of Legends or marketing for When he isn’t working, he loves playing new games and living the dream. If you would like o see more game reviews by Tim follow him on Twitter @TimlCooley

Record of Agarest War Zero Review

Posted by NathanielB On December - 20 - 2011

Record of Agarest War Zero is a prequel to a game that is far more popular in Japan than it is in America, and for good reason. The original Record of Agarest War had very peculiar packaging (including a pillow with an Anime girl on it) and a lot of people skipped it to avoid the weirdness. There are also a few things in this game that may rub most American gamers the wrong way.

Rating: 3.5/5


The game is pretty easy to get used to, but you don’t use the thumb-sticks as much as you would assume you would. In fact, there are times where it would actually be better if you didn’t, so it’s a good idea to just stick to the regular buttons. The game has enough tutorials that you shouldn’t have any problems.


The graphics definitely improved from the last game, but for those who never played the first one, you’ll be reminded of games from 20 years ago. The biggest difference is that these characters are somewhat 3D rather than being merely 8-bit.


The music is amazing. Each track fits with the scene and creates a story. The music is meant to evoke emotion as much as it is to be entertaining. However, the voice acting leaves a little to be desired, unless you’re fluent in Japanese. There is no English option in this game, even though it is the American version. There are subtitles for the majority of the conversations, but it still falls short of ideal.


This game is definitely a RPG, with more plot and dialogue than is really necessary and characters that are interesting and likable. While the story is pretty similar to Record of Agarest War, if you haven’t played the first one, you’ll enjoy it, but it may feel repetitive for those who have played the original.

Tim can typically be found playing League of Legends or marketing for When he isn’t working, he loves playing new games and living the dream. If you would like o see more game reviews by Tim follow him on Twitter @TimlCooley

Will Counter Strike: Global Offensive Be Worth Playing?

Posted by NathanielB On December - 18 - 2011

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the fourth title in the Counter Strike series. They are a series of first person shooters where you, the player can join either a terrorist or counter-terrorist team and do battle with the other team. It is one of the most successful multi-player FPS on the PC, as well as being very successful on other consoles. It’s a heavily anticipated game, to be released early 2012. While many people are drooling over their controllers, there is the question: is it actually going to be better?

Everything that’s been released so far about the game leaves gamers with a mixed bag. It has amazing new graphics that are realistic in both appearance and movement. It has a plethora of new maps to choose from, including some that are being brought back from the older games. And it has new game modes, what these are specifically will have to wait for the release. However, all of these additions seem more like patch installations rather than a new game.

The most interesting new addition is one that can’t be covered with a patch download. It is the cross-platform multi-player option. This sort of play is rare; only really seen on PC/MAC games, despite that all online multi-player games work over the internet. It’s so rare, in fact, that it is perhaps the biggest draw that this game has. Many gamers have only one system to play with, and it isn’t always the same system as their friend.

So now, instead of having to rent a new system or a game to play online with your cross country friend, you can simply log into any system and battle it out. Many gamers who don’t play online won’t see the benefit of this as much as those who do. With an Xbox System, you could only play with other Xbox players, and the same was true of all other systems. The implication that you can now play across consoles on a ‘Counter Strike’ system is rather intriguing.

How this will be implemented will be the biggest deciding factor in how good the game will be. Aside from the cross-platform option, the game looks like it’s going to be the same as the last one, with a few new bells and whistles. If the cross-platform aspect works great, then the game will be worth handing over $50. If not, it’s the sort of game you might want to get as a present, or wait until you can get it for $15.

Tim can typically be found playing League of Legends or marketing for When he isn’t working, he loves playing new games and living the dream. If you would like o see more game reviews by Tim follow him on Twitter @TimlCooley