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I work in Online Marketing Development for some medium to large size companies in the UK doing SEO, Online Marketing and Coding. I like to spend my spare time playing online games such as BC2 Vietnam with my friends, and playing around with websites such as building them, making changes and keeping content up to date etc. I also work on and run a number of sites for online solutions from web hosting to game servers and much more. Read more about me and my sites at My Profile. Just another rocker/metal head, that cares for nothing much but having fun and lots of it!

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Archive for April, 2012

The 10 Commandments of Link Building

Posted by NathanielB On April - 23 - 2012

This infograph has been designed by klikki to demonstrate what should consist of a natural link profile and to help you maintain it whilst looking good in the eyes of google.

How To Enable Incompatible Add-ons In Firefox

Posted by NathanielB On April - 15 - 2012

Make sure you read this article in full before making a start on these changes, and ALWAYS read the warning message you get when going to about:config in Firefox because messing around with these settings can cause Firefox to become unstable! If your Firefox fails to launch after making any changes to your configuration, have this Mozilla guide to launching Firefox in “Safe Mode” available in another browser just in case.

You can find the version of your Firefox by going to “Help > About Firefox” in your toolbar where “File, Edit, View History” and so are. The number you want is just the first one.

First of you will need to access Firefox’s hidden settings by typing the following into your address bar:


After agreeing to the warning we are presented with a page of advanced settings. The one we are looking to create is called extensions.checkCompatibility.X.0 (change X for your FF version), and unless you’ve done this before, it won’t exist, so you will need to create it.

To create the value in you config, you want to right-click anywhere on the page and select New > Boolean.

Under “Preference Name” enter:

extensions.checkCompatibility.X.0 (again change X to your version)

For “Enter Boolean Value” select “False”.

Now restart Firefox, and the following warning should appear at the top of your Add-Ons page, this means that it has all worked according to plan:

Add-on Compatibility Checking is Disabled. You may have incompatible Add-ons.

You should now be able to re-enable your incompatible add-on from the same page.

Here’s a quick step-by-step summary:

  1. Type about:config into address bar and press enter
  2. Accept the warning
  3. Add a new preference by right-clicking and selecting New > Boolean
  4. Enter extensions.checkCompatibility.X.0 as the Boolean Name
  5. Select “False” for the boolean value
  6. Restart Firefox
  7. Visit the Add-On Manager to re-enable your add-ons

Your done, enjoy the add-ons that aint meant to work any more including the Google Toolbar!

FIFA 12 Review for Xbox 360/PS2/PS3/PC/Wii/PSP

Posted by NathanielB On April - 2 - 2012

FIFA 12 is designed by EA Sports, the brand of Electronic Arts that is responsible for creating and developing video games related to sports. NHL, NBA, NFL, NASCAR, etc. are some of the other famous games created by EA Sports. FIFA 12, a continuation of the FIFA series contains line-ups, transfers and other details based on the real-world happenings as per the 2011-2012 football season. The game features classic play, “Be a Pro” and “Be a Pro Goalkeeper”, a new addition to the series.

FIFA 12 – Gameplay

For months after the release of FIFA 11, EA Sports had been pondering making changes to three major match mechanics – the engine of player impact, the new option of tactical defending and close control. Well, play FIFA 12 and you’ll notice they were serious about it! The changes made to the defensive aspect of the game have made it harder than the versions before. Press the ‘A’ button to slide tackle in 12 and you might just see a red card hurled in your face! The game itself has been made more realistic and the fans in the stadiums look much better than they did over the years.

The players have been updated to their latest looks. Their movement is much more accurate, precise and life-like. The stats of the players are also pretty much accurate as per the start of the season. Transfers and rosters are also up to date.

FIFA 12 – Features

If you’re playing alone, the career mode is the best feature of the game. You can take charge of any club you may wish to and lead them to glory. Each club has a set of objectives when it comes to league and cup competitions. You will have to achieve them or at least come close to it if you want to keep your job at the end of the season. The season will go on as it does in the real world, with fixtures of the league games being exactly the same as in the 2011-2012 calendar.

A couple of interesting features have been added to the career mode. Firstly, you can release comments in the in-game press and tell the media of what you think about your team or the team you are going to be facing in the near future. Secondly, your players will communicate with you if they are having any issues. Say you’re the ‘manager’ of Milan and you keep Robinho on the bench as a substitute for either Pato or Ibra, he may request you to give him some more playing time. If you frustrate him with the lack of match time, he may warm you about handing in a transfer request. To keep him at the club and fill the role that he is employed for, you may have to start playing him more often and probably offer him a good contract with a high salary and bonuses for his goals and assists.

The “Be a Pro Goalkeeper” is a completely new feature in the FIFA series and has been found appealing to most fans. You can now control a goalkeeper, make saves and move in and out of the penalty area if you will. It’s very much like “Be a Pro”, except that you can be the keeper!


FIFA 12 is a cut above the rest of the previous versions of the game. The gameplay and measures taken to make it real has really paid off. After just four months of its release, it was reported to be highest selling game of all time. The tricks that can be performed and the increasing difficulty of defending have made it complex. The level of competition is much higher and a lapse in concentration is all it takes to concede a goal and pull your hair out! Real world commentators like Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend add to the action. Like Clive says, “Concentrate and consolidate”!

Author Bio:

Penny Cooper is a writer by profession and likes to blog about her varied interests. She represents BB gun and Airsoft Sniper online store.