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The Rise of Music Gaming

Written by On January - 12 - 2012

With a huge rise in the past decade of new interactive gaming consoles, we’re taking part in more activities than ever – and all without leaving our living room! One of the main contributors to this craze is Music Gaming. Music gaming lets you sit in the comfort of your front room, pick up a prop (designed to look like a particular instrument) and play along to your favourite tracks.

You don’t need to be a music reader to do any of the above either – taking for example one of the most famed versions of music gaming (Guitar Hero) you simply have to coordinate your movements to the movement of coloured dots on the screen. Granted: I did just simplify the process of guitar hero down hugely – but that’s the jist at the very core of the instructions.

At the core of my discussion here though, is how beneficial are these games? Is it really worth spending hours upon hours every evening strumming a fake guitar – when you could be spending those hours strumming a real guitar and building a genuine skill? Do games like this encourage people to pick up a real guitar or is it the ultimate fantasy game for the ultimate wannabe musician (who perhaps is too lazy to start from scratch and would rather just opt for the short-cut). Would you rather your child be learning a real instrument (and then joining a real band) or would you rather them be sat on the sofa staring at a TV screen for three hours?

It comes down to what our priorities are. Maybe real instruments aren’t as fashionable as a fake guitar with neon buttons – but I still refuse to believe that music gaming could ever eclipse the real thrill of picking up an instrument and playing your favourite song for the first time with no mistakes. And on another note – no rock star ever sold a platinum album because he got an “Awesome!” rating on Guitar Hero.

But let us not judge people who own music gaming, it’s hugely fun and enjoyable, especially when played in big groups. Extra points for hilarity when alcohol is also involved. That’s what the game was made for and how the producers meant it to be enjoyed. But how long can the novelty actually last?

With huge brand consoles like Xbox polishing their Kinect gaming software to perfection, it’s only a matter of time before they bring out a new kind of gaming software which can rival and possibly demolish the Guitar hero era of gaming. Take for example “Just Dance” on the Wii – sure it isn’t strictly music gaming but it’s popularity have overshadowed that of Guitar Hero in the last few months – so is this a sign of things to come?

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