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I work in Online Marketing Development for some medium to large size companies in the UK doing SEO, Online Marketing and Coding. I like to spend my spare time playing online games such as BC2 Vietnam with my friends, and playing around with websites such as building them, making changes and keeping content up to date etc. I also work on and run a number of sites for online solutions from web hosting to game servers and much more. Read more about me and my sites at My Profile. Just another rocker/metal head, that cares for nothing much but having fun and lots of it!

I have been using MyBlogGuest for a long time now and have been able to gain a good amount of quality guest posts for a number of my blogs including here and

MBG has been one of – if not the – strongest tool in my tool set for guest blogging and now that Ann Smart has produced a free wordpress plugin for all the members at MBG the site has just moved from my #1 guest posting tool to my #1 and #2 tool because this plugin makes it even faster to find guest posts and make offers on them without even leaving my blog!

Here are a couple of screen shots of the guest posting plugin in action for you to take a look at how much easier its making my professional blogging life :)

You can change the Category to all the different categories offered at My Blog Guest, enter a search string if your looking for something specific and change the number of results you are given (5, 10, 50, 100). Along with these simple yet great search settings, when you mouse over each suggest guest post you are given the option to preview it as well as make your offer (screenshots below).

When you click the preview link you will get a nice overlay box like the below appear so you can preview the post before making an offer just the same as you would when doing this on MBG:

Now you have previewed the suggested guest posts its time to send some offers to the one’s’ you would like to publish right? So we simply mouse over the articles we would like to publish and click the “Make Offer” link to get the following overlay popup:

Now I would highly recommend entering something into the text field provided to show the author that you care and are really interested in his/her post rather then just sending a request to post their content without caring so much about it – that’s the impression I might get if I just got offers without some form of a message, even if its something like “Hi, I would love the opportunity to publish your guest post in the blah blah category of my blog please”.

Once you have sent your offers to the suggested guest posting opportunities they will be marked as been offered as in the screenshot below with the title having a line throw it so you can easily and quick see which articles you have submitted an offer to. Along with this, the mouse over options to preview and make an offer are removed.

Now that you have seen just how simple this plugin is to use and know that life without it will take so much longer, here’s a ling to the official post from Ann Smart at MyBlogGuest which contains all the setup details you will need (all you need do is setup a free account with MBG and do as Ann describes in her post).

And please please remember, you need to download a new copy of the guest posting plugin for each of your site from your profile area (the “Add / Edit Sites & Tags” page in your profile)

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  • NathanielB

    Thank you for the comment (Ann?) After using the plugin for a while
    now, I think I will certainly be doing a review to share my
    experience with it and share just how helpful its been :)