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I work in Online Marketing Development for some medium to large size companies in the UK doing SEO, Online Marketing and Coding. I like to spend my spare time playing online games such as BC2 Vietnam with my friends, and playing around with websites such as building them, making changes and keeping content up to date etc. I also work on and run a number of sites for online solutions from web hosting to game servers and much more. Read more about me and my sites at My Profile. Just another rocker/metal head, that cares for nothing much but having fun and lots of it!

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Should Kids Be Playing Video Games?

Posted by Guest Author On November - 25 - 2013

Video games have always caused a great deal of controversy. Detractors claim they ruin children. Most of us continue to play games, regardless of the vocal minority, however. Some people are still unsure about introducing their children to games. We enter the debate over whether gaming really is good for kids.

Creative Play

There’s only so much you can do in the real world before you run out of material for a growing imagination. Kids need stimulation. It isn’t like thirty years ago where you could send your kids out into town and know they would be perfectly safe. We increasingly live in unsafe concrete jungles.

Games provide a safe way to enhance creativity by opening up their minds to new possibilities. It’s a visual method of stimulation you just can’t get from a book or the local neighborhood.

Active Input

Some would argue gaming is just as bad as spending all your time on watching TV. This isn’t the case at all. When you watch TV, you’re staring at the screen and failing to pay attention to anything. You’re watching, but the mind is switched off because it isn’t required to do anything.

In a video game, everything is under the control of the player. You aren’t sitting there doing nothing. Your child is taking an active role in the game and crafting their own adventures. It keeps the mind switched on and sharp.

It’s Educational!

We learn a lot from games. It’s why schools are increasingly using video games as a way to teach math and science. Games developers have crafted little games to supplement learning in practically every subject.

Of course, not every game is designed to be educational. We acknowledge this. Even the games designed for fun over education are capable of teaching us things.

Take a stealth game, for example. It teaches you how to use your environment to your advantage. It teaches patience and how to be cautious. It helps you to use your instincts in unfamiliar situations.

If we delve deeper than what the characters and the plot looks like, we can see gaming provides us with so many advantages.

Making Friends

We know how important it is for children to make friends. Gaming puts them in contact with the whole world. You can meet people from countries as far as Denmark and Australia in a game.

You as a parent have control over how far they can reach. For example, you might decide to purchase an offline game which only allows them to play with other children in the same room. There’s nothing wrong with this. They’re interacting with others and improving their social skills.

Overall, gaming for kids is something we shouldn’t shun. We should encourage it because of the many benefits associated with it. Join the gaming revolution and let your kids run in a world which is increasingly diverse and family friendly. Developers realize they have to cater to this audience, and they’re doing so without resorting to excessive and graphic violence.

Today’s guest post is contributed by Tom Taylor. He is a technophile, a gaming enthusiast and an avid blogger. He says to check out Friv for some excellent online games to kill your boredom.

Call Of Duty Ghosts – Prep Your Game Zone

Posted by NathanielB On November - 2 - 2013

So with the new launch of Call Of Duty Ghosts about to hit us in the UK on the 5th November, the CoD team have given us a list of all we need to prep our game zones!


BLYM Action/Puzzle Flash Game

Posted by NathanielB On October - 31 - 2013

BLYM just discovered an awesome teleporter. Why not tag along with him while he explores the universe?

Help BLYM on his way through 4 big worlds in this platform puzzle game. Use his special skill to morph into blocks and move them to solve the levels.


Use your arrows or WASD to run, jump, morph into blocks and move them.

Control Scheme:

  • Morph: Down Arrow
  • Jump: Up Arrow
  • Movement: Left & Right Arrows

Crow In Hell Affliction

Posted by NathanielB On October - 20 - 2013


The original Crow in Hell game is back, with better graphics and a more tense game play. Immerse yourself in this dark and gloomy game of skill, where your reflexes will be put to test. Collect keys throughout the game to upgrade your Crow. Good luck and happy Halloween!

Game controls:

Mouse (Click and hold to move)

Turn On The Geek Side In You By Playing Online Games

Posted by Guest Author On August - 10 - 2013

‘All work no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ If you have been spending all day studying then hang on! It’s time that you take a short break and stimulate your grey cells to think on things apart from the bookish know how. Online games are formulated in a way that it not only gives you the leisure hour but also coax your brain to think differently.

In this highly digital world, book worms find less of corners and are downplayed by the smart geeks. Knowledge is necessary but if you don’t know how to imply it practically to solve the various riddles of life then you will be left behind in this neck to neck race. So, just not rack your brain between books but give it a push to other directions by playing online brain games.

Problem solving

There are online games that are designed to test your problem solving skills. These games are not only interactive but also decision affecting in nature. Owing to these characteristics they fall best as tools for enhancing problem-solving skills. When your child sits in-front of the computer screen and clicks on to play a game, his brain just does not go dead but becomes more alert. The challenges that are thrown before him is what makes him stimulate his thought process and builds on the quick decision making skills. Each of the games are logically built and requires a lot of thought and brain cracking to clear the current level and move ahead to higher levels.

Private ‘detective’ eye

Are you better than Inspector Clouseau or say may be Sherlock Holmes? If you think you are then put on your cloak, grab a magnifying glass and move ahead to find the clues to solve the mysterious case-based online games. Each game is built in such a way that it forces the player to exercise his sleuthing instincts and hunt for the clues to solve the case at hand. One needs a discriminating eye to crack the hidden clues, symbols, letters etc. Further, to make the task even more daunting and difficult, some of the games have inbuilt clock which ticks every seconds and reminds the person of the pressing matters at hand.

Just can’t remember words! Play on

There are many times that a particular word sounds familiar, we have heard them somewhere, it is on the tip of our tongue but we just cannot recall. But don’t worry! Remembering words can no longer be tough. Try different online games like scrabble, crosswords, etc. These are built focusing on the vocabulary enhancement skills. In such games generally you will be given a set of letters and you will have to think of the words that best befits the given situation/ synonym. Target words are categorized as per the genre that you select. Suppose if you select animals then the crossword/ word puzzle that you are solving will only require you to think on the names of animals.

So, move on and turn on your grey cells to do some out of the box thinking combined with the small but effectively required word called “fun”.

Kevin Jones, the writer, is a serial blogger and a tech aficionado. He shares his love for gadgets and gaming through his articles. He says he has played some of the best flash games here, at

Realm Of The Titans- A Chinese Multiplayer Online Battle Video Game

Posted by Guest Author On July - 22 - 2013

Realm of the Titans is a popular Chinese video game which was developed by Ningbo Shengguang . The game is motivated from Warcraft III and Defence of Ancient to some extent. The game was started to develop in the year 2008. At this time other games like Realm of the Titans was released which was designed in the same concept as Realm of the Titans. But this multiplayer online battle arena video game had potential and thus it turned out to be more popular just like Heroes of Newerth and League of Legends.

Development of Realm of The Titans

The primary staff for the development of RotT has experience in outsourcing but they had not the capability to do the entire project from start to finish. However the team of some developers did great job in developing the game. The development was entirely completed in Shanghai with the support of player, operation of server and the parent company administration. The central server of RotT was officially opened to the public on October 30, 2010 and alpha testing was begun on 7th April 2011. RotT makes the use of BigWorld engine that was proposed for Massively Multiplayer Online Playing Games.

Gameplay of Realm of the Titans

Realm of Titans has developed like Defence of Ancients to some extent, in which players fight in three lanes to get gold and experience. Characters in RotT have four categories of abilities which a player can achieve as he goes up in the level and gain experience. However, there is an additional ability that is not associated with selection of character, but it is linked to each character which can be upgraded in every 3 minutes and turn out to be more powerful at every 10 minutes. Actually, this skill or ability is a way to provide supplement to the weakness of character and increases its strength. The other unique characteristic of the game is that it consists of four bosses and four titanic and inimitable NPCs which are located in each corner of map. From April 14, 2011, RotT has 54 heroes along with the addition of new heroes frequently.

Matchmaking is this game is done by taking out the average rate of the players of a team. Average rate depends upon the wins and failure and individual inputs to those results. Matchmaking is done by putting players in certain criteria like same ISP, similar rating and the number of players in the teams on both sides that may vary by at most one player (this means a battle happens between two teams of players having same count or at most between the teams in which one team has one player less than the other team)

Response to Realm of Titans

RotT has gained very positive response in China. It got the appreciation particularly for its game balance, production values and playability. When Realm of the Titans was developed, the developers didn’t thought that much praise for this game because there were already other popular games which was developed in the same concept.

Matthew Anton has great interest in playing World of Tanks multiplayer online battle video games and thus he has written various articles on various online games to provide useful information to others.